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Every social studies unit created by Learning Enrichment includes carefully researched content, as well as up-to-date graphics prepared exclusively for LE readers. The organization of student pages in these units may vary from series to series and topic to topic. But material addressed to teachers almost always includes: curriculum objectives tied to social studies standards; lists of critical terms and follow-up resources; discussion questions; and extended information on the unit topic.

Over the years, LE's commitment to that approach has resulted in a string of warmly received classroom units under such series titles as "Country Studies," "Critical Thinking," "Widening Circles" (the impact of globalization), "Regions Matter!" and a research series with the umbrella title, "And Now...."


The "And Now...." Series. Designed for teachers and students in World History courses, Grades 10-12, each unit in the "And Now...." series profiles a contemporary nation, with special attention to the changes it has faced in recent decades. The unit explores an issue which the nation currently faces, and it highlights data that students might want to keep in mind as they research that issue. Thus, the questions, map, chart, and text in the unit combine to form an "issue-driven" research guide.

Each Web-site version of a unit covers four pages. The Student Text Page can be used alone. But, without access to the Map and Data Pages, students may have to do additional research, to handle all four of its introductory questions.

The "Eyes On...." Series. Depending on the topic, the units in this series may be especially useful to students in courses on Government, Economics, or Modern World History. And almost anyone taking a class in World Issues will find them all relevant. Each unit focuses on an event, trend, or institution with lessons for future generations, as well as our own. The unit defines the topic, gives it context, and suggests a question or two for readers to ponder, as they keep their eyes on unfolding news over the coming years.

Every unit in the "Eyes On...." series is accessible in a directly downloadable Web-site version. When using these units with students, it is especially recommended that they have access to the Data Page and/or Map Page, as well as to the Student Text Page written especially for them.

The "Regions Matter!" Series. Equally useful in courses on World History, World Regions, and World Geography, this series explores a concept we regularly come across in the daily news but rarely stop to explore: What gives a particular world region its unique identity and presumed characteristics? (What — beyond the location of its member nations — makes the Middle East the Middle East?) Appropriate for students in Grades 7-12, each unit in this series focuses on the shared traditions and the patterns of interaction among a given region's members, and it explores the impact of that region on events and trends in the rest of the world.

Every unit in the "Regions Matter!" series is available in a directly downloadable Web-site version. The three Student Text Pages can be used in any order — though teachers looking for a "yesterday-today-tomorrow" approach might use those pages in the order in which they are numbered below:

The "Widening Circles" Series. Easily adaptable to courses in World History, World Regions, and Contemporary Issues, Grades 9-12, each unit in LE's "Widening Circles" series explores a world neighbor under three successive spotlights, as it were. Each nation is first considered in terms of its own domestic issues, then as a member of a geographic and economic region, and finally as an active participant in global affairs.

Every unit is available in a directly downloadable Web-site version. The three Student Text Pages featured in each "Widening Circles" unit can be used in any order — though, as the series title indicates, their best use may lie in following the order: nation, region, world.


The "Culture Clues" and "Culture Contacts" Series. Both of these LE series will help teachers address key standards of learning (SOLs) in geography, history, and other branches of social studies education as they introduce students to their world neighbors. As the series titles indicate, each unit places special emphasis on "Culture," the first of ten thematic curriculum strands recommended by the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS). And while the Student Text (Student Reading) Pages within each unit are "stand-alones," they are presented in what LE believes is the best order for developing insights into that theme.

As with other study units on LE's Web site, each unit in this series is available in an easily accessible (HTML) version and is also available in a PDF version of the original printed publication (see below). Follow your computer's prompt to download a free copy of Adobe® Reader®, if that program is not already installed in your system.


The "All About…." Series. Written with special attention to grade-level learning goals in Geography, History, Economics, and Cultural Studies, the units in this series take students in Grades 3 through 5 on a fascinating journey into the heart of other world regions and societies. Thought-provoking questions pop up throughout the text. And the reading level has been carefully checked, to make sure that the content is easily accessible to young readers. Easily accessible: but also stimulating! Students using these units will want to continue learning "all about" the countries they discover on LE's pages.

Most components of the "All About…." series are available in PDF format. If you wish to download Adobe® Reader®, to access those PDFs, click here. You may need to select "Print as Image" when the Reader's Printer Command window opens.


The "Let's Visit…." Series. How do very young Americans learn about diverse world cultures? If they're fortunate, they meet classmates, or class visitors, or friends of their parents who are from other countries. Or perhaps they have traveled abroad. But even without such "up-close" encounters, children can expand their awareness of, and appreciation for, other countries. Just use the delightful stories and activities in the "Let's Visit...." series to help them "travel" there! They'll develop important skills, as they do: reading and listening; asking questions; reading maps; writing stories; role-playing; and (of course) comparing and contrasting.

Most components of the "Let's Visit...." series are available in PDF format. If you wish to download Adobe® Reader®, to access those PDFs, click here. You may need to select "Print as Image" when the Reader's Printer Command window opens.

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