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            Asia's Economies
            China and Global
                 Economy: 2013

            Viking Explorers
      "Regions Matter!"
            Nordic Region
      "Widening Circles"
            South Korea
LE's Study Units (6-8)
      "Culture Clues"
      "Culture Contacts"
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Welcome, teachers and students! Are you looking for social studies units on countries in today's world? Tips for planning such a unit, on your own? Guidelines for a class research assignment? Let Learning Enrichment (LE) be your one-stop site for free materials to meet all of these needs....

Most of LE's Study Units are written for use in high school courses. But we also have series for middle school classrooms and elementary grades, too! At every level, LE's units focus on global neighbors in a rapidly changing world.

Conclusion? Whether you're browsing for content updates on world nations, or identifying topics for student research, just click through these pages. Print out what appeals to you, and take it to class….

Bookmark us, too! And check back every now and then for updates of your favorite unit and for new features on our Site!

NEW!!!     Eyes on China in the Global Economy: 2013

About Learning Enrichment, Inc. (LE)
Who are we? What do we do? What are our goals in education?

LE's Study Units
Every LE unit includes material for teachers and for students.

"And Now...." Series (9-12)
In this series, each unit profiles a world neighbor, with special focus on the issues it's facing today.

"Eyes On...." Series (9-12)
In-depth background on an issue with lessons for our time. Units in this series pose big questions.

"Regions Matter!" Series (9-12)
What makes this or that group of neighboring countries a "region"? How might any such region influence world affairs?

"Widening Circles" Series (9-12)
Unit by unit, examine how other nations cope with domestic, regional, and global challenges.

"Culture Clues" and "Culture Contacts" Series (6-8)
Each series focuses on the values and customs that define a particular world culture. ("Culture Clues" for Grades 4-9.)

"All About...." Series (3-5)      
Help young learners begin to understand another culture and/or country. (Boost reading skills at the same time!)

"Let's Visit...." Series (1-2)      
Take children on an imaginary trip to another land! "What would we see? What foods do they like?"

How to Access Study Units on This Site
It's easy! Just open the page and print it.

Reading Skills in the Social Studies
Pointers and strategies for helping students become more aware of why they're reading what they're reading.

Teachers' Room
Time out for "swapping links" to social studies resouces.

Students' Corner
For teens! Guidelines on how to do magnificent research on modern-day countries, without leaving the Internet.... Really!

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